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In today’s society, most consumers buy electronic gadgets based on whatever new “toy” their friends have, what’s currently trending or what is socially approved by others. In my personal opinion, we should buy our devices according to what we need.

For example, if you only need a phone to answers and make calls, then a basic phone without a data plan, is right for you. However, If you want to search the web, use Facebook, whatsApp and do your banking online, then you will likely need a decent Smartphone. Now, if you decide to go one-step further and want to play online games, download applications, store music, pictures, and be involved with social networks, then what you really need is a tough device.

Why should you buy the latest Samsung Galaxy device or iPhone 6 if you only need to know that the green button is to make a call and the red one is to hang up?

Be specific about your needs, analyze which phones give you the features and quality you’re looking for and only get what you really need.

Contact YourCellWireless for help in determining which smartphone is right for you.

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