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What are the Advantages of an Unlocked Phone?


The term “unlocked” means that the phone is free to be used at any GSM network provider - anywhere in the world. This feature enables customers to enjoy a hassle-free switch from one carrier to another.  For example, if you have an AT&T phone and it’s unlocked, you can drop the AT&T service and switch over to T-Mobile or any other carrier, any time you want.   An unlocked phone also works overseas.   For example, if you travel to China with your unlocked phone you only will need to purchase a local company simcard, place it on your phone and will have service right away; avoiding the sky-high price of the roaming services typically offered by most cellular service companies.


Why Doesn’t My Phone Work On 4G (Only Works (3G Or H+)?


The 4G signal only displays on phones that are built to be used for a specific carrier or geographical area. For example, only phones that are specifically built to by used by AT&T, T-Mobile & MetroPCS in the United States will display the 4G signal because the manufacturer knows where the phones will be used.


On the other hand, phones that are built “Factory Unlocked” will display 3G or H+ because the manufacturers do not know where the phones will be used or under what carrier they will be connected to. Owing to the fact that unlocked phones can be used any/everywhere across the globe, including some countries that have 4G networks and some that don’t, they standardize using the H+ sign for all countries.


Is H+ Slower Than 4G?


H+ is equal to 4G for factory unlocked phones. Functionally, it is the same; regardless of which signal is being displayed - 4G or H+.

Cell Phone Network Symbol Chart
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